Lead Water Filter Technology

The “must-have” filter for daily use. Its unique properties allow it to remove both forms of lead and other heavy metals from water. It has been tested to the NSF53 standard for lead reduction and to the NSF42 standard for chlorine reduction.

astrea lead filter technology

lead filtering bottle

What’s in the filter?

A specially engineered mixture of different types of filtration media that work together to remove contaminants.


How does it work?

The special combination of media used in our filter allows it to more effectively reduce lead and other contaminants. The complex matrix structure specifically targets both soluble and particulate forms of lead, allowing it to pass the most rigorous certification standards.


What makes this filter different than other filters?

Most daily-use filters contain only activated carbon and are designed to improve the taste. A few others repurpose disinfection technology intended for outdoor/camping use into a bottle. While some of these products may claim some level of lead reduction, our media was engineered specifically to address the difficulty of removing lead at pH 6.5 and 8.5. It has been rigorously tested under the harshest conditions and we have the data to demonstrate our performance.


How effectively does this filter remove lead?

The astrea filter is tested to the NSF 53 standard for lead reduction, which means that it will ensure lead levels are below the EPA and Global safely level of 10ppb for the life of the filter.

astrea lead filtration technology

lead filtering bottle

Lead Reduction Testing starting at 150ppb

The NSF standard for lead reduction requires testing at pH 6.5 and 8.5 to cover the most common range of drinking water. Certification at pH 8.5 is difficult because lead is present in multiple forms. Unlike the astrea filter, most media can handle the soluble fraction, but not the particulates. The figure below shows the ability of the astrea filter to reduce lead at pH 8.5 to the NSF53 standard.

astrea lead performance testinglead filtering bottle